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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 7, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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group known as skyliners. they'll take the hot air balloons up in the air and they'll do what they call skylining across from one hot air balloon to another, these are two movable objects. they're definitely not so confident this is going to go well. >> we don't really know how the slack line will behave because we haven't try on the ground with mobile anchors. so, now we will test just at two meters high and we see. maybe it's going to be a
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complete failure or complete disaster. >> and it definitely didn't go well. >> are they harnessed in, are they wearing a parachute if they do fall? >> you're about to see were look at how high up they are. >> this is awful. >> here they go. >> here's the first guy. >> i love this. >> i hate this. >> going across. >> this is nerve-racking. >> got a parachute on, watch here. and right there. he goes down. >> oh! oh. >> not for people like this you would never have these types of extreme sports, so i think it's cool as hell. >> and this guy here goes across he looks like he might actually make it, halfway, buddies, guys and gals cheering i'm on, no, eventually he goes on, too. >> did you see the photographer hanging off the balloon on that line? >> he has to get a different angle. that's nuts. none of them made it across. but here's the deal that won't stop them. they're going to do it again. >> they'll do it until they can
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get across. >> i don't know that i would call it a fail, the fact that they could get up on their feet and take a few steps, i think that's a success. what do you think of bullfighting, you think spain, a guy in a nice costume, a bull, a red cape. not this time. rob morris was going from village to village in kenya and he came upon a bullfight but it wasn't just one bull it was two of them and you could see there are lots of villagers watching this going on. but i don't think this was planned. you got two bulls going at it horn to horn, one of them chasing the other one. looks like these two bulls kind of belong to people and they're trying to corral them but it turned into a big bullfight right there in the streets and these guys can't go anywhere because the bullfight kind of occupying the road. these people don't seem too frightened. they've got their stick, but that bull does look like he's worn out. he's breathing hard.
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lots of people have the stick but you don't really see them hitting those bulls, they are encouraging them to go in one direction. >> you even see the kids getting close to these bulls. luckily nobody appeared to be hurt in this video. but i have to say these people in the car have got quite the show while driving from village to village in kenya. >> everybody got quite a show. that's terrifying. there are even the kids standing there. people stealing stuff all over the world in two different places, robberies involving cars. first in melbourne, australia, at the airport. this 56-year-old woman dropping her friend off at the airport gets out of the car to hug her friend good-bye. some awful human being hopsin her car that s left runni away. what makes this story even worse, this 56-year-old woman tried to hang on to the car for nearly 65 feet. >> down the road i let go because my little feet were running so fast.
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>> do you know what, you can't blame her here. >> right. >> we all do this. you are hugging your friend or family member and you take two seconds and leave the keys in the ignition, big deal. >> the friend she was dropping off ended up not being able to catch her flight because her passport was still in the car. >> oh! >> did they find the car abandoned later? >> they've still not found the car. they're looking for the car and the person who stole it. now we're going over to jacksonville, florida, another robbery involving a car. this time a little bit different. >> oh, boy. >> these guys are in a stolen vehicle and they just slammed through what looks like a window and part of the wall in this family dollar. two guys hopped out of this stolen vehicle. they were after the safe and they got that safe, loaded it into the back of this stolen vehicle, and these guys got away. in fact, police are still looking for both of these guys. if anybody recognizes anything about them, jacksonville police want to hear from you.
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we're giving away an ipad mini here on "rtm." >> that's coming up in just a little bit and we'll be giving you friday's buzzword and telling you how to enter and win. >> you need to be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway coming up in just a minute. >> holy [ bleep ], wow. >> snowfalls continue to give people problems, this video roughly three minutes long and the entire time it's recording car offer car after car in a massive pileup near trenton, ontario in canada. >> jackknife. bigtime jackknife. >> oh, boy. >> it's a big mess. i did say this was roughly under three minutes long the entire time they're recording a pileup. >> if you're stuck in this, plan on not going home tonight. >> you may wind up bunking with a trucker stuck in that. >> the crazy thing firefighters according to some reports couldn't really get their trucks in far enough to help the victims so they had to take atvs
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to reach the victims and provide aid. >> no word on the number of injuries or what the injuries were, but we do know that at least 25 tractor-trailers and smaller vehicles were damaged. >> [ bleep ]? here's another video that's getting a lot of attention, this guy walking up to his vehicle that is covered in ice. so, he just breaks into it. >> it looks easier than using the old scraper. >> what a nice fellow, because you don't take the snow off. that goes smashing and flying off your car as you go down the highway to hit somebody behind you. >> that's true. >> very nice guy. the blow dryer goes on so the dog steps up. >> the dog's, like, i've got to protect the baby. >> that's awesome. >> see the adorable way he plays
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bodyguard. and some pranksters have drive-through workers freaking out. >> because suddenly hear their name being called. >> nadia! >> somebody just call my name? >> i'm sorry? >> how they pulled off the disembodied joke. >> thomas! [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ hey, don't forget there's an app for "rtm," get it on your iphone, ipad or your android device and then watch videos
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anytime, anywhere you are. basketball is never as much fun as when it's played by the harlem globetrotters. these guys are the best! since 1926, if you can believe that, that's when they were first founded. these guys put on such a fun show. they've got a woman on the team now. the tricks they're able to do and still play basketball. they make it look easy. is it? fabian and i went to find out. the guy's got some movest is, no, y can't hang with a harlem globetrotter. >> it's quite obvious i'm not an athlete. >> did you seriously wear a headband? >> nice guns, fablian. we never see you in a tank top. >> i'm loving the shoes, too. >> i've still got them on. >> we hung in there a little bit. >> we did. we both had h-o-r-s-e. >> but buckets we got him to an h-o. >> he let us get him. >> he was giving us little minor
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tutoring. >> giving you here and not here. >> which i think actually kind of helped us. >> there it is. >> did you try any trick shots? >> oh! off the forehead! >> we did have a halfcourt competition at the end. >> i was doing the granny style. >> did you make it? >> get in there. >> close. >> the one he did that was really impressive he said was his trademark he'd spin the ball on his finger, take it and then do a lay-up off of his finger. i can't even spin the ball on my finger so i needed him to, like, put it on my finger, like, i was a 10-year-old. >> this is for a 10-year-old boy and you are kind of a small child. >> do it! do it! >> oh! >> and it's what eliminated me from horse. >> i do love your face of defeat in that one. >> you're doing some fun innovative stuff this year including the globetrotters new basketball rule, if you go to harlemglob you can vote on the newest crazy rule, five against six, the hot hand
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player. >> one player wears a different jersey and whenever he scores, it's double the point. >> if you want to see the globetrotters you can find their schedule at harl harlemglobetrotterscom. >> what? >> yeah! ♪ this is on a road in slovenia. >> [ bleep ]? >> that was a tree. a tree fell on his car. >> was it a tree or parts of a tree or ice? >> it was a tree that fell on his car. sloveni slovenia's had three days of severe blizzards and a freak ice storm so they say it's dangerous for people to be on the road s because this could happen. 1.2 million acres of the nation's forests have been damaged because of the storm. that means roughly half of the forests in slovenia have been affected by this storm. that wasn't the only guy to have
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that happen to him. check out this video also from slovenia. >> that's youawful. both videos could have been so much worse and because of speed or karma or just pure good luck, this tree fell at a place that didn't injure the driver. i am so excited to show you this video. for several reasons, the first precious little jackson he is 20 days old when this video was captured. >> you're happy. >> wow. he looks so tiny, too. >> he is so tiny. 20 days old! this cute little fella's fresh out of the oven. >> his face is on a, like, a loop. >> yeah, it is. >> sad, happy. sad, happy. >> this really cute and amazing, right? what's even more amazing is the
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story behind this video. let's rewind to december of 2012. this is cute little ashlan opening a christmas gift. inside it was a t-shirt that read -- >> my christmas present came early this year. i'm going to be a big sister. >> and her reaction caught a lot of attention online. >> she just breaks down into tears of joy. she's so excited that she's going to be finally a big sister. her parents had been trying for years to have a baby. they finally were able to tell her a baby is on the way. now, unfortunately, sometime after this video was captured mom did end up having a miscarriage. >> oh. >> just months after that, though, she got pregnant again. and jackson is that baby. >> okay. >> what an awesome story! >> not only are his expressions so beautiful, he's a little
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miracle. ♪ what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. >> unless you record it and put it on youtube! >> see what happens when this guy takes the plunge on the next "right this minute." and still to come, sammy the puppy has a little problem. >> sammy does not like styrofoam. >> the phobia that has him barking mad. >> be mad. plus, if you want a chance to twin an ipad mini, you don't want to miss the friday buzzword coming up.
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>> i'm going to have my friend trey go through the drive-through beforehand and pay for the meal and have a receipt which has their name on it and i'll record their name on to my iphone and when i go through the drive-through i'll play their name through the itunes speaker. >> thomas! nadia. >> huh? somebody just call my name? >> i'm sorry? >> but it's hysterical because the guy's at the window. what? you call me? but nobody's calling them. >> was that you? >> no. >> what did you hear? >> but, you know, a lot of times their head is turned so they don't see it. i would immediately think that why are you yelling at me? >> you think it was the driver. he should do it in midconversation. >> sometimes he does. >> okay. >> ashley! >> did somebody just say ashley? >> what happened to ashley?
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>> window-y. >> i think her name is gwendolyn. >> i hope he broke the news to these people because if not they're all making appointments at the psychiatrist. i'm hearing voices. i'm hearing my name. >> another good one. >> did you call my name? >> huh? i've heard poodles are protective of kids. this video proves it. this family says the toy poodle treats the baby like it's its little sister. when they turn on the dog grooming blow dryer, the dog is, like, i've got to protect the baby. when they turn it off, the dog comes over. says, okay, i'll come over and talk to you guys. as soon as the blower is turned on, watch what this dog does, the dog lays over the baby, like, huh-uh, you won't do that. >> that's awesome. >> that's great, because a lot of time when there's a dog in the house and the dog's king and you bring in a baby dogs can get
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jealous. >> this video came out last year but it's going viral i think because of the major cuteness of it all. while that dog was being protective, this one is a little bit scared. this is sammy the puppy. sammy has a little problem. >> come here, sammy. >> sammy does not like styrofoam. >> come here. >> i don't think it's the styrofoam. he can't get to his owner, he loves that guy! >> my prognosis is the dog has styrofhobia. a serious condition. get ready, everybody, because it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> let's do it. remember, you got to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident and most of all you have to have friday's buzzword. >> you enter on our facebook page but you're using a mobile phone or tablet go to the first post on the facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> time to reveal the buzzword for friday. it is panda. >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad
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mini button. >> and then enter the friday buzzword panda, p-a-n-d-a for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> good luck, everybody! a model heads to the subway looking quite fashionable. >> but that high fashion is about to be her lunch. eating it. eating her purse. >> the story behind her designer snack. >> my head is go
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a very strong storm on february 5th caused this severe wave. this is off the coast of south england. water looks very rough. >> even though there's a retaining wall it doesn't mean it's going to retain anything. >> you see several cars that are parked very close to that retaining wall and the water is going crazy. there's water and waves crashing against the other side of that retaining wall. you see some people. looks like the dog even walking across. these waves, these severe waves, have actually caused a lot of damage to towns in that coast. well, look at why.
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>> look at that in the distance. holy moley. >> you never really see it coming until it's right in your face. >> oh, my goodness. there really was no warning. >> and the wave really came out of nowhere. >> it hit the second story balkbal balco balcony. >> if you live here, you just got to deal with it. it's not, like, you can pick up your house and leave. >> but at least don't hang out on the street. >> or your balcony because you'll get wet. cute cat battle. ♪ ♪
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this is not an unusual sight. high fashion model walking down the streets of new york. she's carrying a lovely cocoa c chan chanel purse. it's cold in new york, and she hops on the subway and sits next to a dude and starts to give him the eye but that high fashion is about to be her lunch. eating her purse. he's eating her purse! it's cake. >> oh, a cake purse. >> yes. this video put together by the international culinary centers. >> oh, wow. >> this is all part of their cake design curriculum. they made this video to kind of highlight the fashion week in new york. and to also promote the school and some of their classes. but look at that! >> that is cool. my head is going to explode because i would love to do this. eat this chanel purse. >> i hate carrying a purse. this would make me want to carry a purse because i could eat it. >> it's not creepy.
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if it was a weird-looking dude eating his gym bag that was also made out of cake everyone would go into the other car of the subway and someone would call the police. >> take his cake. give me a bite. i don't care what it is or who's eating it, i want some cake. >> the guy next to her is sort of funny, he kind of scoots away. >> of course, it guess the attention with everybody on the subway. >> i was wondering why she was so careful with the purse, why is she walking that way. it all makes sense now. that will do it for us here on "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman and it's time for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." a dude's out walking while a snowplow's out in plowing. >> and look at what it does. >> the video for anybody who's sick of winter. an 11-year-old is doing a burnout as -- >> dad right there is helping his son. >> what happens when the 7-year-old gets his turn. it's an emotional ad about a father -- >> going to classes learning to read. >> see why this


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